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  • By: Harry Legge

How to Relax for a Job Interview

First of all, you should aim to get to the interview early. Not only will this ensure your place at the interview, it also gives you time to familiarise with your surroundings. Running late? Call your agency or the company directly to let them know. Arriving late without an advance call and apology before the interview, casts doubt on your ability to be on time at work every day, should the position be offered to you.

Maybe this is your first interview in a while. Talk to a friend or family member beforehand for support. They may well have had similar experiences in the past. If you don’t have a friend or family member available, practice in front of the mirror. You will soon realise some of your weaknesses, e.g. If you talk too much with your hands, or if your posture reveals too much about your personality. Sitting up straight and feeling confident will give the interviewer the impression that you can handle stress positively. Just bear in mind that no matter how much preparation you put in before the interview, it will never replicate the experience of being in the actual interview. If you are prepared for an interview, there is one less thing to stress about. Being unprepared, makes you look more vulnerable.

In stressful situations, do you have things that calm you down? Why not listen to your favourite music, or even bring an object that you find relaxing?

Give meditation a go. This does not have to be a formal process, and it does not have to take up much of your time. It can merely be closing your eyes for a few minutes and concentrating on your breath. During times of stress, your breathing speeds up. Slow things down by breathing in and breathing out slowly. This should help calm you down. Even during the interview, if things become too hectic, take a deep breath, and refresh, without closing your eyes that is.

Remember that even if everyone else around you may look confident, they are probably experiencing nerves too.

Slow down the pace of the interview. Do not rush through your words. Give yourself the space.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Personality is considered in interview along with job credentials. Being open from the beginning could win you extra points.

Do not put all your hopes into one interview. Of course you are highly motivated to get this particular role, but do not let yourself get into an all or nothing attitude where not getting the job will be a disastrous outcome. This will only put more pressure on yourself, and will make you have a nasty shock in the event you happen to miss out on the role. Be prepared for a possible rejection and use it as something to build upon for future interviews. The more interviews you go to over time, the more you should get used to the process.

Everyone is different, some of these tips may work for you, others may not. When you go to your next interview, try out some of these things, and within minutes you should be revitalised.

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