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What to Include in Your Cover Letter

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

A cover letter is always a good idea as it gives the applicant an edge over applications which do not have one. Even if the position does not require one, send it anyway. The only time that you do not send one is if the application is online and no allowance has been made to accommodate a letter.


Use the same design, fonts and colour themes as in your CV.


Browse the internet for a cover letter template of your choice. These include all levels of experience ranging from basic to executive.

Why is a Cover Letter necessary?

In what is daily becoming a more competitive market, a cover letter highlights your most relevant skills and qualifications for the job. If you can make the interviewer and prospective client's work easier, it's bound to impress enough to make your application stand out at a potentially busy time during the hiring process.

Good Impression

It makes a good impression that you took the trouble to write a good letter that will convince or at least persuade the reader that you are a strong candidate, by giving specific and relevant information.


It is an opportunity to show the prospective employer who you are, your personality, life experiences, and personal aspirations, unlike a CV which must be more general.

Negative Concerns

If you think there may be possible negative concerns that a potential employer may have with your application, a cover letter is a good place to address this - it may be a time gap between jobs or a need for you to relocate.

When is a Cover Letter needed?

Always send a cover letter because it will stand out in a mountain of competitive applications, allowing the reader to quickly match your skills to the requirements of the position.

Do make sure that it is a good, professional letter, to secure the position and not lose you the opportunity to be employed! Keep it short. It must relate your experience to the job.

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