Why work with us...

Finding the right candidate with the right attitude and right capabilities for your organisation can be challenging. 


At Sunrock we realise and understand that our customers think differently to recruiters

As headhunters, we are paid for talent the clients can’t identify themselves. It is not a screening process to provide a shortlist. Anybody can do that. We are paid to access unique candidates.

Jobs are available but there is not enough skills to match the requirements. Finding that rare talent means recruitment can be an exceptionally difficult job.

Candidates skills that are rare, can only be headhunted. Talent doesn’t apply for roles because they are either simply too busy or don’t want to be found. Talent is simply headhunted.

It is one of the reasons why we do not pay to advertise on job boards. Job boards are less effective, as they only tap into active candidates.


Finding talent is only half the battle. Getting them to the hiring table, to the point that they will entertain an offer and accept it, makes our role vital in the recruitment process.

There is a craft to recruitment – the use of sophisticated technology combined with highly skilled human interaction.

Recruitment is not redundant.

Our extensive knowledge of the industry enables us to track down the most appropriate people. It, in turn, helps us to simplify and speed up your search.


When agencies send you unsuitable people, we understand the frustration, especially the time that is wasted. For that reason, we will only offer you, candidates, we have carefully vetted and who meet your specified requirements. It significantly increases the chances of a first-time perfect match.

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