Our Unique Recruitment Approach

Changing people's lifes

Sunrock is essentially a “people business” and we deal with a variety of different people on a daily basis. We love to meet new people and relish having the opportunity to network so we can help more people find their perfect recruitment match.



Only if you listen carefully and thoroughly to both, the job seeker and the client, you will be able to understand what their needs are. This allows us to make better decisions and find the perfect match over and over again.​

Communication skills

Communication is key: face-to-face, on the phone or via email. There are situations when we need to be tactful, considerate and gracious in order to maintain a good corporate as well as personal reputation.  Candidate and client matching can be a tricky business – we go the extra mile to ensure there are more smiles and fewer frowns!

Marketing skills

Once we’ve listened we then need to Market! We are committed to telling both our candidates’ and recruiters’ stories effectively. This helps us build better relationships with both parties ensuring that we continue to help match clients with candidates after the initial placement. Our convincing, negotiation and selling skills are crucial to ensuring we deliver an excellent service.

Time Management skills

Having great time management skills is essential because certain positions need to be filled urgently and some candidates are available immediately, so getting our priorities right is paramount!


Problem-solving skills

We love solving problems! Being involved in the people business we very often come across situations which we hadn’t anticipated. For example, people not turning up to their interviews, companies telling you that they already found another candidate, not finding any candidates for a certain position for a long time, etc.


We need to be able to jump to it and find a solution pronto!



Sometimes candidates or clients may need to reschedule their interview dates at the last minute. Although frustrating – being patient helps us seal the deal for all parties involved in the recruitment process.