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Our Values

1.    Teamwork

Being a boutique business, we are extremely focused on teamwork and harmony within the team as we closely work together as a team to conduct our day-to-day recruitment processes. The higher the collaboration, the better our performance.

2.    Empathy

At Sunrock we focus on relationship building both with out clients as well as our candidates. We are a purpose drive firm and are focused on creating long lasting relationships with likeminded companies as well as individuals with the same values.

3.    Innovation

New technologies and ways of doing things are constantly emerging and here at Sunrock we continuously embrace innovation and utilize AI to ensure we offer our clients the best service possible.

4.    Impact

Our goal is to be part of a positive movement for environmental change as well as driving a change in diversity within the workplace.

Our purpose


As a 100% minority female owned business, we empower minority talent to pursue opportunities which they may be denied due to unconscious bias within the industries and fight to create an even and equal playing field for all, despite of gender, race, religion, sexuality, disability or background.

Further, as a global energy recruitment specialist, Sunrock Recruitment was founded on the principles of changing people’s lives. One in five people in the world lives without electricity. Our mission is to be a part of a movement of positive environmental change.

We ensure that our clients not only hire top talent but find the right talent to impact not just a community but changing the world for the better.


We work with charities, universities, and diversity focused networks to assist us in our mission to achieve a fairer work environment: we belong to several women focused charities and networks that educate and empower women to realize their full potential both in their personal and professional life. Some of those charities include Powerful Women, WeConnect International, MSDUK and AFBE, an association which focuses on young black engineers.


Social mobility is an aspect of diversity which many organizations overlook and avoid, which drives a major contributory factor to classism and social issues we face within the professional environment. Our team spends time educating clients on the importance and impact of including social mobility in their everyday hires and work closely with universities to ensure equal opportunities are given to all, irrespective of social backgrounds.

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