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5 Reasons to Choose a Headhunter

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

1. Headhunters build relationships with candidates over time. They nurture candidates that aren’t looking for new opportunities because when candidates know, like and trust them, they will be the first point of contact.

2. Headhunters don't sit behind desks. They spend a significant amount of time and money understanding the recruitment market, always on the road, networking, connecting with partners, clients and candidates.

3. Headhunters use techniques through technology to find hidden talent besides professional platforms such as LinkedIn. Social media has a deep penetration of candidates and indeed new clients.

4. Headhunters don't work during office hours and work across multiple time zones. They work when candidates want to talk! We conducted a survey and found that exceptional candidates are more likely to engage after hours because they are too busy at work.

5. Headhunters are not only trained to "hunt" but know the art of attracting and retaining talent for future opportunities. They are not only paid to source talent that a hiring manager cannot reach, but also have the techniques to:

a) Present a job offer to a candidate

b) Convince the candidate why they should apply for the job, for the right reason

c) Interview and pre-assess a candidate before representing them to a client

d) Present the candidate to the client and why they should interview your candidate.

e) Reach the best possible agreement. Why should a candidate accept your client's offer when they are counter-offered?

f) Not disappear after the placement. A simple call or email asking both new hire and client how things are going

g) Ask the client and candidate for feedback after every placement

If you are a hiring manager, the next time you are considering an agency, find someone who has authority in the recruitment market. Why? "Recruitment is the only thing we do."

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