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7 Ways to Sell Yourself Without Coming Across as Overconfident

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

The ability to do this requires a fine balance between just enough confidence to impress but not too modest. Project your leadership qualities while demonstrating a willingness to learn and improve.

Speaking in the First Person

Avoid the overuse of the letter “I”. Attribute achievements to group effort and instead use “We”. Present your opinions as a collaborative conclusion e.g. “We concluded that the success of the project that I initiated was due to team effort.”


Any achiever awards you received were due to team support. This demonstrates how well you work with others.


Your successful ideas that gained the attention of employers were inspired by company work ethic e.g. a mentorship programme that you introduced was only possible because this was one of the company’s core values.

Leadership Skill

Describe this skill as something developed over time when you realised that the success of a company is determined by quality leadership.


Explain any missteps along the way to your successes as necessary for your growth. This shows a willingness to learn from mistakes so that they were not repeated.


Show how your skills set can be equally beneficial to the new company as it was for the previous company, given the same support that you enjoyed before e.g. an oversight system that you introduced for internal auditing purposes etc.


Your strong belief that personal success is dependent on the success of the company has led you to prioritise company success to achieve your own.

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