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Are You Engaging Enough With Your Job Applicants?

We have all been there. While we are now in the job of recruiting for people, we should not forget the process we went through when making our way to where we are now.

Most jobseekers probably do not get any feedback, or if they do, they might have to wait an age, in what can be a very fast-moving job market. Obviously, there will be times where you will get inundated with applications. If this is the case, send an email explaining that unfortunately this time, there are too many candidates for the organisation to respond to everyone individually. At least the candidate will know they are no longer in the running, instead of having that uncertainty hanging over them, and they can also move on with their job hunting.

Speculative applications

There will be many speculative applications. Most likely, the majority of these would not fit in with your job requirements. These applications can just have a standard reply saying that they don’t fit in with what the company is looking for.

Make job ads clear from the offset

Whilst it is hard to filter out applications from jobseekers who don’t fit the job from those who do, try and make it as clear as possible in your job ad to who you are looking for. For example, if candidates are not eligible to work in the country, state this at the beginning to reduce the amount of ineligible candidates who apply to your job.

Provide feedback

If you can, try and let job candidates know what went wrong, so they can improve on it for next time. They hopefully won’t make the same mistakes again and they will become a better candidate for this.

Contact everyone who makes the interview stage

When it gets as far to the interview stage, you should let the remaining candidates know why they have not passed. These candidates have got so close to getting the job, that they should at least know what obstacle lay in the way at the final hurdle. A lack of feedback this late on in the job process can be very demotivating, and it only adds another blow to the jobseeker.

Do not judge

Be inclusive. When giving feedback, do not treat candidates any differently from one another. The only thing which should distinguish candidates should be their potential for the job.

Let them know where they stand

Be honest with the candidate throughout the application. Let them know as soon as possible about their fate, so that they know where they stand, and they can move onto applying for other roles.

Good communication with your candidates also provides benefits for yourself. Communication also speeds up the job process. If you are a recruitment agency, then building a good relationship with candidates will only make it more likely that they could work with you again when they come back on the job market. Happier candidates can only make your job easier. It will help to build up their faith in recruitment agencies

When you get drowned out with CVs, it is understandable that you don’t have the time to talk to everyone.

If you don’t talk to candidates promptly, they may slip through and get snapped up by someone else. Whilst you shouldn’t be too hasty with picking someone, delaying the process can also be very costly.

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