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Career Change for Over 50s

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Whatever the reason one would want to make a career change after fifty, it would have to be a carefully thought out move and well planned. There are a few considerations to take into account, the most important being relevance. To be relevant in the process of moving to a new career, one has to update everything from a resume to physical appearance and also to skills.


To get your foot in the door it’s necessary to update a CV. Avoid focusing on your age. Do not mention when you graduated or how long you worked at various jobs.

Practice Interviews

Set up varied interviews just as a practice run to update your interview skills. You will find that each interview teaches you something new. This will give you an idea of what is required or most needed in different positions. You also become familiar with the interview process, gradually reducing any stress and increasing confidence.


Keep an open mind to new ways of conducting business in the workplace, as in regular work appraisals, new work culture, technology, non-traditional work environments and adapting to flexitime in some instances. Do research on different companies to get an idea of what to expect and in particular, research the relevant company before each interview.

Social Media

Keep a social media presence by perhaps starting a blog in your field of expertise and share your blog on a business platform. This will also promote an image of being tech-savvy. Your experience is your strongest asset, so showcase it. Making money online can also bring you exposure to various companies and could start you off in an entrepreneurial venture.


Do update your appearance though nothing too drastic. Simple things like hair change, fixing or whitening teeth and wearing fashionable but suitable clothes - dress more casually for informal situations.

Finally make sure that your health is taken good care of. It helps if your prospective employer knows that you attend the gym regularly.

If you have left one position before starting another then maybe temp work could be an option:

Temp Work

Take temp work to keep active and you may even want to work part-time permanently. Keep in mind the advantages for companies to hire experienced staff – loyalty, staying power, punctuality, pride in their work. An experienced person is more likely to focus on the job with no social media distractions and to respect company time. Make sure these qualities are appreciated in the temp positions. Consulting work will also keep you abreast of modern trends. Companies benefit from temp workers as this is cost-effective for them with them not having to contribute to any benefits, while benefitting from your experience.

Want More?

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