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Enhancing Prospect / Client Profile

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

If recruiting companies want to fulfil their dual purpose of matching candidate to the client they have the challenge of enhancing the profiles of both, one to the other. A useful way to do this is to ask both the question: How much of a difference do you want to make? Are you looking for more meaning to life than just a job and from the business perspective, more meaning for the business than strictly profit? It may seem that the core business of a recruiting company is in itself enough yet, to ensure recruiting success, it is necessary to encourage both parties to reflect on these questions.

Whether you are a corporate, entrepreneur or individual, combining both profit and purposeful meaning is an ideal all should aspire to, if you want to make a success of any enterprise. You would not be in the business of business if you did not want to make a profit, however, a meaningful business or job will take you a longer way. It is plain common sense to work at something that means more than profit, important as that is in a capitalist world. To enhance the profile of client to candidate and candidate to client, strongly promote the idea of balance between the two, by emphasizing the following:


We need motivation to simply get up in the morning and when your job has meaning it’s so much easier to get out and about your business.


Money will motivate only so far before we start to look for more meaning and purpose. We are naturally purpose driven. Many of us are sidetracked because we neglect to focus on more than material gain.


Going the distance involves building a legacy that lasts a long time and that is truly purpose driven. To do this we would do well to consider if future generations would be happy to continue where we left off.


To reach a point where the scales are weighted evenly for profit and purpose, requires enough passion and discipline to ensure growth, success and endurance for the long term. This balancing act needs hard work and determination to succeed.


The impact we make on society is measured by our ability to think out of the ‘money box’. It is to become more meaningful in the wider community, and consequently more sustainable.


To inspire we must be real, and we must follow through even when difficulties arise. Nothing detracts from and even harms our aspirations more than coming across as fake and insincere. The disappointment and subsequent distrust which being inauthentic engenders is almost impossible to overcome


When you set out to share what you have or when you assist others to reach their goals, you feel more responsible and therefore, less likely to give up. Giving back also gives back to you as you overcome challenges and grow as you go. This is sometimes called the natural law of reciprocity.

Sharing - what you know, your experience and what you have - comes naturally to most people. Otherwise we would not have the humanities careers or volunteer groups who do noble, self-sacrificing work. It is only logical that this nurturing quality must be developed in business as well, for increase in profit and for the general good of all.

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