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Hiring Process Taking Too Long?

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

If a job search is more than 3 weeks old, you need to start having a conversation with your line manager/client. Here are 7 tips to help you search smarter!

1. Revisit the job requirements. Are you looking for a Unicorn? Look at revising the job spec, if the skillset is too specific. Discuss which part of the required skillsets can be categorised differently (desired v essential).

2. Salary – Have you checked the market salary in the specific industry? There are salary checker tools that will determine whether you need to revise your budget. Although this should be the first stage of the search process.

3. Job title – do not limit yourself to candidates who have the same job title as the advertised vacancy. You should also target candidates who have junior job titles to what is advertised, but with a lot more experience. Depending on the job spec, candidates with the same job title as the spec may want to progress in their careers.

4. Overall candidate shortage! Invest your time building long-term relationships with candidates in your niche sector. It is difficult for hiring managers to do this. That’s why partnering with a headhunter in your industry is advisable.

5. Manager/client taking too long to give feedback. This is a candidate driven market and if you snooze, you lose! Candidates are likely to receive counter offers, so if your hiring process is long winded, you need to revise it.

6. Social media advertising – retargeting candidates that have visited social media sites. LinkedIn and many other social media platforms have great retargeting tools for candidates looking for new roles.

7. Recruitment is no longer an office hour game. The best way to engage with candidates is in the evenings. This does not necessarily mean that you speak to candidates over the phone after hours. You can exchange messages in the evenings and agree a suitable time to talk during office hours. Our top candidates are happy to engage after office hours because they are too busy at work. They are the type of candidates we prefer to engage with!

If all else fails, connect with Sunrock Recruitment. We may not be in your speciality, but by working with local and global partners, we can refer you to the best headhunters in your industry.

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