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Incorporating Work Experience Into An Interview

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Key questions asked in interviews will not differ too much from interview to interview. They are standard for most positions. However, the way you conduct yourself and incorporate your key skills into an interview, can be tailored to get the best results for you.


Research the company and the position advertised thoroughly. If you can get someone to roleplay a mock interview with you covering the key requirements of the position, this will develop confidence.


When you seamlessly match the job requirements to your work experience, the interview will go much more smoothly, giving you a sense of being in control. For this to happen it helps to memorise the requirements as best as you can, but do not come across as mechanical when referencing these. A relaxed conversational style is more convincing than rattling off your resume details.

Once you are prepared for the interview the next step is to showcase your experience up until now.


Show how previous projects prepared you for the advertised position, explaining how your role in these projects affected the successful outcome. Elaborate if details are required.

Job Satisfaction

If job satisfaction and success are a priority for you, give examples of how these were a prominent feature in past projects such as a company charity you helped to launch or, how you were happy to work after hours to finish a project on time.

Work Environment

Describe how your ideal work environment fits in with the company’s environment requirements, which may be diversity, work ethics, innovation, mentorships, or internships, by explaining your role in past work situations.


Highlight the strengths that assisted you in previous work experience and which could do so again in your new position. If you have strong leadership qualities do not put this down with any false modesty.


List your accomplishments to demonstrate how well suited you are to the position. Be calmly confident while explaining why your past accomplishments make you the most suitable candidate for the new position. Showcase without being showy.

Performance Reviews

Where these have occurred in previous positions, showcase how you managed to improve yourself, if this was required, perhaps with internal company programmes. Doing this demonstrates your willingness to grow.


Above all, be enthusiastic about all you have to offer the new company! Nothing makes a good impression more than enthusiasm and a positive attitude. Never complain about individuals or management in previous positions. Show instead how you overcame relationship hurdles to everyone’s satisfaction.

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