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My Body, My Rules - Not If You Live In America

Saturday 25th June 2022 was a historic day for America – and not the “good” historic. Abortion was legally banned in multiple US states after Roe v Wade was overturned. Cities erupted in protest right after the US supreme court abolished the constitutional right to abortion, more than 50 years after it was established. The US sexual healthcare organization also declared it remains legal to travel out of state to get an abortion.

Whilst people were happy with the ban, many people were not, and a lot of protests erupted soon after the ban came into place. As many of you will already know, the banning of abortions will have massive negative implications on women’s health. Restricting access to abortion will lead to millions of people being forced to travel to receive legal abortion care, which would be impossible for a lot of people due to financial reasons. These laws compel women to risk their lives and health by seeking out unsafe abortion care.

It is wrong for any other person to decide what a woman wants to do with her body. There are a lot of women who go through issues in life which leads to pregnancy, against their wish. Whether that is sexual assault, incest or not being able to use contraception. It is not fair for men to decide what a woman should do with HER body. Only a woman knows what is right for her body and for her future.

Everyone who works in recruitment and especially women in the working world are well aware of the struggles women have to go through. Women take breaks during their career as they take maternity leave, time off to concentrate on raising their children and maintaining their work-life balance.

It is hard for women to progress further in their careers whilst managing their work and family lives. Taking constant breaks means that career progression is slowed down, and it does not help that most companies promote men quicker and more than women. Studies show that men are promoted quicker than women, especially mothers who are prejudiced against because they want to build their careers, as well as look after their families. This is also what makes it difficult for women to be promoted to senior positions, despite being capable of doing so.

Diversity and inclusion are the “base” of most companies, however many struggle to actually follow through with the principles related to it. When a woman comes back from a career break, she is anxious and going through a whirlwind of emotions. At times like this, she needs to be supported by her colleagues and deserves support.

This all relates back to the recent ban as some women may not even be ready to have a child due to factors such as it is early on in their career, they are not financially stable, or simply because they do not want to have a baby. Sadly, the world that we live in now is not even letting women make their own decisions. The worst part is that some women are even supporting this movement, in turn making life more difficult for their own gender.

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