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Self-Belief That You Can do the Job

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

So you’re currently in a job, but you don’t have the belief in your own ability. Lack of self-belief can inhibit yourself. In the last few weeks, we’ve discussed lack of confidence during interviews and when starting a new job.

However, a lack of self-belief can also manifest itself among more established employees. For one reason or another you may have lost confidence in your current job over time, no matter whether you have been there for weeks, months or years. Take yourself back to a time when you had more confidence in your job. A lot of things may have changed during that time which have impacted on your self-belief.

You may have experienced a change of boss who doesn't get on with you. Maybe you have new colleagues whose personalities clash with yours, or who constantly give out unfair criticism? All these things take their toll on your wellbeing. If there is a trusted staff member, try talking to them as a third party to see if they can help break down any divisions. Talking is better than letting tensions increase over time. If this doesn’t help, try and keep any contact with toxic colleagues to a minimum.

Maybe your workload has greatly increased and you are having unreasonable demands placed on you. Your current work hours could be a problem. Try and talk to a manager if you feel overwhelmed, and see how you can resolve your work-life balance conflict as this is something that impacts you both at work and home.

If you are facing stress in your personal life, then this could be detrimental to your job performance, in which case you need to deal with these external factors first.

Another problem affecting your self-belief could be if you see others around you getting promoted while you stay in the same position. Try and concentrate on your own strengths as much as you can, and do not let other people’s success be a measure of your own skills.

At the end of the day, you know yourself best. Take a note of what is and what isn’t working for you at the moment. Whether the solution is a change of schedule, or something more drastic like a job change, it is better to take control of your situation, and act soon, so that your self-belief doesn’t keep dropping. Remember that even if you have lost self-belief, you can always take small steps to gain it back.

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