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To Move or Not to Move

Although the decision to make a work change is not a life and death decision, I’m reminded of a story titled ‘Love in the Time of AIDS’ which highlights the difficulty of living a normal life under challenging circumstances. When considering how to navigate the ‘tricky’ waters of the Brexit currents, it can be quite daunting for some workers in Britain in these uncertain times too. If you are comfortable in your position but feel stuck anyway, knowing how to move forwards can be challenging.

At times like this, it is good to remember that some of the best things have happened during the most difficult times in history. For example, a story goes, that when Thomas Edison needed to have more light for a doctor to operate on his wife, he came up with the idea of mirrors to increase visibility, and today because of his continued experimentation we enjoy the convenience of the light bulb. The trick then is to persevere and become inventive when faced with tough choices in uncertain times.

Here are a few helpful tips to consider:

1. Make sure the decision to change to another company does not jeopardise your family’s security.

2. Do not make a change for the sake of change. Do it for growth, new challenges or even fulfilment.

3. Choose a company that is suited to your particular interests. Are they environmentally focused, or perhaps entrepreneurial? Does their global plan suit your interests? Or, you may just be financially focused: do they offer real incentives, bonuses and good salary increments?

4. If it is more responsibility that you are looking for, then you need to make sure the new company offers opportunity for growth and programmes to develop skills.

5. If Brexit looks to be a problem in any way for you, then you should consider looking for a company that offers international transfer.

6. Position yourself so that a prospective company will want your particular skills. You may have a unique talent, or have good experience in a particular area. See if your skills are in demand because of short supply.

7. Break your job search down to just a few choice industries that match what you wish to do. Within these sectors, narrow your search down further, and research various companies that you may be interested in carefully.

8. Once you have chosen your target companies, find an employment agency to help you with securing interviews or go directly online to see what approach is best for them.

9. At interviews be sure to highlight how your interests and theirs come together, and how you can bring value to the company.

10. Be sure to secure your new position before you resign from your current job.

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