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Video Interviewing Tips

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Nowadays, more and more business professionals are choosing to use video calls whether it is for networking, a job interview or simply keeping up-to-date with colleagues. Before rushing into a video interview, we recommend you look at the following points to ensure your call runs smoothly.


Select a “quiet” time in your home when taking part in the interview. It’s embarrassing for you to have your young child running into the room screaming, followed by your spouse running after them in full view. Perhaps your dog is barking in the background when you are talking about your company or career history.

Time zone

If you are not in the same time zone, make sure you research the time differences, so you won’t miss the interview time.

Audio problems

Before the call, you should check your audio. You don’t want to go on the call and realise you can’t hear the person you are speaking to. If you are unsure how your current sound settings are, you can always try out a test video call with a friend or family member.

Connectivity issues

If you know you have bad connectivity, find another location to have the video call. There isn’t anything more frustrating for all parties than to keep reconnecting, figuring out what was last said and picking up on where the conversation left off, only for the line to cut off again.

Eye contact

Remember that when doing the video call, eye contact is not maintained by looking at the person you are talking to on the screen, but by looking at the camera. Practice this beforehand, and the process will soon become more natural.

What to wear

Even though you may be in a casual setting, the context is still related to business, so depending on who you are talking to, you should still wear what you would normally do if you were having the same conversation with that person face to face.


You need the person to focus their attention on you. Don’t have a distracting picture that will keep the person wondering what the picture is about instead of focusing on you.

Want more?

Keep on our blog as we add more career-related posts. In the meantime, have a look at the numerous topics we have previously covered such as how to look for a job on social media, how do you retract something you said in an interview and millennials in the workplace.

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