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Why should your business choose Sunrock Recruitment?

Updated: May 23, 2018

We have put together a few common questions & answers about ourselves, with the aim for businesses to understand what we do better than the rest.

We are a South London based recruitment agency that offers contractors and permanent placements in Finance & Accountancy.

1.  How would you describe Sunrock Recruitment?

We understand what our clients are looking for, allowing us to handpick the best talent. Why would you not use a Finance & Accountancy industry expert to recruit for your finance team?

2. What differentiates Sunrock Recruitment from its competitors?

With our extensive Recruitment and Finance & Accountancy knowledge, our experience separates us from many of the commercial recruitment agencies. We are a boutique agency that works hard to ensure customer satisfaction. This also allows us to be flexible. We offer post-placement support for junior to mid-senior placements.

3. Why should clients choose Sunrock Recruitment?

We save our clients time by knowing and understanding exactly what they want, so they can get back to what really matters: profitability and staff management. We also have simple ways of pre-assessing candidates that look beyond what’s on paper. We offer competitive fee structures, after all, recruitment fees affect the bottom line! Candidates prefer a recruitment agent who understands what they do, as it makes their job search much easier.

4. What does the company’s experience with accounting entail?

We have covered most areas in Finance & Accountancy varying between financial strategy, cash management, budgeting, forecasting, recruiting and training. We assist business decision makers with good hiring advice whether it be trends in the market, historical data analysis, automation, training and recruitment. We have experience in many sectors including extensive Digital Media and Telecommunications.

5. What vision do you have for Sunrock Recruitment?

To be one of the best Finance & Accountancy recruitment agencies not only in London and the South East but worldwide. How we get there is all up to our people’s attitude towards clients and candidates. Going global while changing people’s lives = priceless.

6. What changes do you envisage generally in recruitment over the next five years, and how will your agency adapt to this?

As Brexit is a hot topic, I envisage a more streamlined approach to recruitment, especially in the UK shortage occupations. As Britain puts together an exit strategy, we will continue to see the need for professional migrants that in turn, will open doors to other non-EU countries. As Sunrock Recruitment grows, through international partnerships, we will recruit the best passive talent globally. We will evolve through our “human touch” as our quest will be to continue changing people’s lives for the better.

Want more?

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