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Why You Should Be Out of the Office and Networking

There are so many networking opportunities out there these days. More likely than not, regardless of industry, there should be plenty of choice to quickly fill up your calendar. These events can provide some of the most powerful business opportunities for your company. Let’s look into some of the main reasons why you should be spending more time outside of the office and doing more networking.

Face to Face Interaction

Even with the popularity of social media, nothing can ultimately beat meeting others in person. Not only do you get a clearer sense of who you are talking to, but you also get the chance to build up a relationship of trust.

New connections

Not everyone is online. Even many of those who do have online social media profiles are inactive. Attending events can give you access to these people who you would not usually get the chance to interact with. You may even be lucky enough to bump into that elusive industry guru who transcends any search terms.


Attending more events can boost your confidence. The more you engage with new business professionals, the more it will become second nature to you.


As mentioned earlier, the more you meet people, the more trust you can build for you and your brand. Trust increases the likelihood of getting referrals.


These events are a chance to meet many useful prospects all in one place. Whilst you are at these events, we recommend you access LinkedIn on your phone, go to ‘My Network’, and then click ‘Find Nearby’. This lists all the people in the surrounding area who are currently on LinkedIn, and this can alert you to the types of people you may need to want to connect with at the event.

Return on Investment

Whilst there are many free events, there are some which involve a large cost, or some may be in a city or country far away. It is worth looking into these events. If you feel that you will gain knowledge or a new client, and this outweighs the costs of travelling and attending the event, then give it a go!

Business opportunities

As you meet with others in person, and you get to know them, this can help. They may also have useful contacts they may share with you.

Some final tips

Before attending events, try and see if you can check the attendee list, so you can get an idea of who will be there, and who you should talk to.

Depending on your line of work, you may need to attend events across different subjects. In our case we have attended events hosted by TEAM for UK recruitment, NPA for International recruitment and Accountex for accounting.

From experience, we have found networking events to be very useful, and we recommend them for anyone wanting to boost their network, and move forwards with their business.

Want More?

Seeing as you’ve read through this week’s post, you may want to also check out some of our previous topics including how to make an impact on your target audience, how to perfect your communication skills and standing out in a crowd.

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