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Sunrock Recruitment is an Executive Search firm based in London, England, which headhunts in the renewable energy sector, with the focus on women in energy. 

As a 100% minority female-owned business, we are constantly educating our clients about the importance of diversity that enables businesses to become more competitive, nimble and profitable. Diversity & Inclusion is the heart of what we do.

Whether you work within Energy Private Equity or have “on the ground” energy experience within emerging markets, we are here to help you find your next role or find the talent that you can’t find in your organisation.

As a global energy recruitment specialist, Sunrock Recruitment was founded on the principles of changing people’s lives. One in five people in the world lives without electricity. Our mission is to be a part of a movement of positive environmental change.
We ensure that our clients not only hire top talent but find the right talent to impact not just a community but changing the world for the better.

We belong to NPAworldwide, a network of independent recruitment firms working cooperatively to fill your talent needs, whether local, regional, or international. 

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We headhunt in the following energy niches;

Private Equity Energy | Cleantech | Clean Energy | Renewable Energy | Renewable Power | Hybrid Energy | Hybrid Power | Wind Energy | Wind Power | Solar Energy | Solar Power | PV | Photovoltaics | Hydropower | Hydro | Tidal | Biomass | Biofuel | Geothermal | Waste to Energy | Energy Storage | Grid | Climate Change 

With the use of AI & Automation, partnering with our clients, and the continued nurturing of our Energy professionals, you will soon find that we are not your typical recruiter. We do not sit behind desks. We are continually travelling to our clients, attending seminars, improving compliance, connecting with partners which in turn enables us to headhunt the right talent outside of traditional recruitment techniques.

Working with local and international partnerships, we strategically separate ourselves from other traditional recruitment agencies. It enables us to promote greater creativity, spur innovation which serves as a model for candidates and fosters collaboration. Working together for a common goal is a lot more fun than working alone.

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