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Sunrock Recruitment is an Executive Search firm based in London, England, which headhunts diverse talent globally.

Established in 2012, Sunrock Recruitment is an Executive Search firm based in London, which headhunts in the renewable energy, finance, and legal sector, with a focus on diversity hiring. 


As a 100% minority female-owned business, Diversity & Inclusion is the heart of what we do. We work closely with our prestige clientele to assist them in reaching their diversity targets, hence we are constantly educating our clients about the importance of diversity that enables businesses to become more competitive, nimble, and profitable.


Studies have shown that there is a widening gap between D&I leaders and Non D&I leaders (McKinsey Report 2020) therefore, at Sunrock we take a headhunting approach to recruiting diverse talent, to ensure we actively bridge the gap.


Our extended network distinguishes Sunrock from your typical recruiter: we have access to an extensive pool of professional thanks to our membership to the NPAworldwide, a network of independent recruitment firms working cooperatively to fill your talent needs, whether local, regional, or international. No matter where your hiring needs are, Sunrock has access to thousands of professionals nationally and internationally.

Utilising our services means that you are committed to maintaining a diverse supplier base and building relationships with suppliers that reflect the market, clients, and communities you serve.


We contribute to a fairer more diverse work environment and have a target to assist 200 organisations reach a 40% gender ratio at senior positions by 2030. If you wish to achieve your diversity targets quicker, as diversity specialists we are here to assist you.




As a global energy recruitment specialist our primary focus is on the renewable energy space particularly on:

Private Equity Energy | Cleantech | Clean Energy | Renewable Energy | Renewable Power | Hybrid Energy | Hybrid Power | Wind Energy | Wind Power | Solar Energy | Solar Power | PV | Photovoltaics | Hydropower | Hydro | Tidal | Biomass | Biofuel | Geothermal | Waste to Energy | Energy Storage | Grid | Climate Change 



With a focus on investment, Sunrock has built a client base of Investment Banks, Private Equity firms and Venture Capital firms within the finance sector.

Investment focus areas:

Infrastructure and Energy


We work with word leading law firms to ensure they achieve their diversity

targets by 2025. We hire from Newly qualified positions up to partner positions. Our clientele includes a range of silver circle law firm as well as leading international law firms.


Areas of Law:

Renewable energy





Private Equity

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