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  • By: Harry Legge

How to Overcome Anxiety When You Start a New Job

Starting a new job stresses many people

Starting a new job is scary. There are many uncertainties ahead, and you will be placed into a new environment. What will your boss / colleagues be like? Will you be able to fit in? Will you be able to complete what is asked of you? All these feelings are completely normal and as you transition into your new environment, these feelings slowly disappear. There will always be someone else that will be hired after you, so you won’t be the first or last newcomer.

One thing that can be guaranteed on the first day is that all the people around you will all have had a ‘first day’ at some point, and would have been new to their current role.

It goes without saying, being late for work causes stress and anxiety. Get into a routine of leaving home early enough to accommodate for the train delays. Get familiar with your surroundings, inside and outside the office. Take a lunch break and explore. This could relieve some of your anxiety even if it is only for an hour. Walking is a form of exercise that releases feel good hormones. If you are into meditation, find a quiet place to mediate. Whatever makes you relax, you have an hour every day at work to do something that will rejuvenate you to get you through the rest of the day.

Try to have a good night’s sleep. Anxiety will usually affect your sleeping patterns. If you don’t have a good night’s sleep, you are likely to make unnecessary mistakes at work because you are tired. Too many mistakes when you are new, doesn’t leave a good impression about your ability to perform in your role. If you find it difficult to sleep, try caffeine-free herbal tea or speak to your pharmacist.

You aren’t supernatural, and you can’t just start smoothly from the off, unless you are a specialist with years of expertise from previous roles. Allow yourself time to grow into the position. Build a rapport and find the trust in someone who you feel comfortable talking too. Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. If you feel you can’t keep up or foresee a problem meeting a deadline, let your line manager know. They are likely to assist you, knowing you made an effort and told them before actually missing the deadline that could have implications on the rest of the team.

Your best moments most likely won’t happen on the first day. That is something to look forward to later on as you grow within your role.

You managed to pass the interview to get here, and beat all the other candidates. Don’t give yourself a hard time. Do your best and know that what you are doing right now is your best.

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