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  • By: Harry Legge

Ten Ways to Improve Your Confidence at Work

As much as many of us don’t like to admit it, low confidence is a common problem at the workplace, and it affects more of us than you would think. Here are ten tips to get you started with boosting your confidence:

1. If high expectations are causing you to lose confidence, try and see how you can make your goals more manageable. Having smaller goals does not mean you aim to achieve less, it just puts things into a more manageable perspective. Getting smaller tasks out of the way quickly, means you can concentrate on the more challenging tasks later, bearing in mind their deadlines. This means that you are able to do the same tasks, but with less pressure, which will most likely help your work productivity.

2. Don’t beat yourself up over mistakes. Everyone makes them. Even when you do make a mistake, this doesn’t define you, and you can always make up for it later on down the line. As long as you can learn from each one and not make the same mistake twice, they will most likely be forgotten over time.

3. Part of building confidence is not letting negative events get to you. No matter how hard we try, no one will achieve perfection. Try and reframe the way you see negative events, so that they aren’t such a bad reflection on you.

4. Perhaps your low confidence is down to a fear of failure, and this could mean that you don’t tackle harder tasks straight away. If you keep avoiding things, then your to-do list will only get bigger. A lot of the things you fear won’t actually happen. We all have to start from somewhere. Things that you are good at now would have been new to you at some point. When you start experiencing negative thoughts, remember you are in control of your thoughts and only you can change the way you feel. Try switching the mind channel to attract positive thoughts and you will soon see positive results.

5. You should always make sure that you maintain good communication with your colleagues. You see them every day, so it is vital to keep a good rapport with them and know where you stand.

6. Remember that confidence isn’t a reflection of how good you are at your job, it is simply a mindset.

7. Confidence starts when you state your intentions. Think of a salesman, they trumpet their success, speak their minds and can be very assertive. We don’t have to be exactly like them, but we can certainly take a few tips to boost our confidence.

8. Smile and walk with a purpose. How you carry yourself can determine your mood around the office. Confidence is reflected. Befriend colleagues that motivate you and boost your confidence. Get away from the people who will tear you down.

9. Read books that will increase your confidence, attend motivational seminars or just watch a few TED motivational talks.

10. Having the belief that you can accomplish a task. Self-confidence can be trained. Repetition, repetition, repetition. Don’t accept failure, persistence, self-talk.

If you are confident, this can also change the way people interact with you for the better. You do not have to make big life changes or even change your personality drastically to become confident. You can practice confidence at any moment, and it should become more natural over time.

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