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  • By: Harry Legge

Millennials in the Workplace

Millennials are rapidly increasing within the workplace, and they will soon make up the majority of employees. Therefore, instead of dismissing them as simply being lazy and entitled, we should also take their views into account.

For a start, it is hard to compare Millennials to Generation X when both generations have grown up in different environments. They come into the workplace from different perspectives. Millennials have been surrounded by technology for as long as they can remember, so it is second nature to them.

Whilst technology can prove to be a distraction, it can also move your company forwards. Instead of stifling Millennials, them, they should be encouraged to make the most of their skillset, and they have the capability to make great strides with new technology. Tasks can now be completed faster so more can be done in a shorter space of time. Millennials may have many differences of opinions to previous generations, but they can bring fresh new ideas to the company.

Millennial characteristics

Research and anecdotal evidence shows that Millennials tend to prefer flexible working hours and they like to switch between going into the office and working from home. This doesn’t mean they are less hard working, they just prefer a different structure to their day-to-day work schedule.

They may be seen as unconventional, but this shouldn’t be a bad thing. They may prefer to not sit at an office for 8 hours per day, at 9 to 5, but they still get the work done. Their work productivity is not any less than that of previous generations, and they often end up working out of hours. Evolving technologies mean that everything is live, and things do not need to be done within a set timeframe at a work desk. The setting may not be formal, but Millennials still manage to achieve highly.

How to keep Millennials for longer

A big part of work is job satisfaction, and it is often said that Millennials prefer to get frequent feedback, and achieve a good work-life balance. They also want their rewards to be more short-term so they can live life to the fullest while also working hard to get them. Whilst this may seem cumbersome, this can save out on another Millennial trait of them quitting their job after a short period. If your workplace is able to offer the flexibility that Millennials crave, then there shouldn’t be such a high rate of turnover. If you feel your Millennial employees are at risk of leaving, then we wouldn't particularly recommend our previous post on whether to move job or not.

Millennials also like to be heard, and they like to use their voices to make changes for the better, pushing for more diversity and inclusion for example.

There is nothing wrong with changing things up in the workplace to avoid things becoming too outdated, and to drive a workplace that is more pleasant to work in for future generations. Millennials can add a lot to your company in their own way.

Want more?

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