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Diversity In The Legal Industry

Many a time, the term ‘Justice’ is used by professionals in the legal industry. It is deeply saddening when we hear stories and see articles about ethnic minority individuals not being given an equal chance.

Diversity is a word used by many industries and companies to represent their values and morals. The reality is, how many of these industries and companies follow through with their diversity promises? The answer is only a handful of them.

According to news articles, statistics, and personal experiences, it is evident that the legal industry has very few diverse employees. Our ethnicity and culture are massively involved in the way that we think, communicate, and approach situations.

For many of us, however, our ethnicity is the difference between us being employed and unemployed.

The interpretation of the law is influenced by the way we think as individuals as most of our thinking has been instilled in us whilst growing up. The legal industry needs to have people from all ethnic backgrounds to ensure that we are all represented equally. This will ensure that when we do need someone to understand us in a court case or hearing, it is more likely that someone from the same ethnicity would relate to our thinking and values.

Individuals of different ethnic backgrounds, gender, religion, and disabilities need to be considered in the legal industry.

We are in the 21st century, however, some people still carry the same thinking as we are in the 19th century. It is time to change our biased thinking and give individuals from ethnic backgrounds the chance to work just as hard as your average lawyer or barrister. Our thinking and values are what make us unique and help us embrace our differences. Many studies have time and time again proved that a diverse workforce achieves better long-term results as that is what helps us be collectively innovative and creative.

Diversity is not merely a word that should be thrown around, but we also need to start acting on our promises.

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