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How Recruitment Agencies and Clients Can Become Masters at Communication

While this might seem like an obvious thing, it is often the case that there is less than adequate communication, or even misunderstandings between clients and recruitment agencies.


Clients must be honest to the agency from the very start about the kind of candidate they are looking for. Both sides should agree a set time to talk, even if briefly, and stick to this. Otherwise, precious time and money can be lost. Ideally, the meeting should be face-to-face so the client and the recruitment agency can have more of an idea about how one another works.

As the client, make it clear at an early stage whether you prefer to work with contingency or retained recruitment. This way, the agency knows where the client stands. If recruiters are working on a job placement, only to find out that the role wasn’t exclusive, this not only wastes their time, but it also damages their trust and willingness to work with the client.

Furthermore, clients should inform the agency as soon as a candidate is placed to avoid them doing extra work for nothing.

Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies should be prepared for meetings, as depending on the client, there most likely won’t be ample opportunity to talk to one another. Be prepared for all eventualities. Agencies should have a plan B ready, so they aren’t disappointed if things don’t turn out as they anticipate. They should use meetings to show their knowledge of the industry and also the company, to show how you can help the client’s needs.

No matter how the agency is getting on with the job search, they should be honest with the client on what is going right and wrong with the search.

Communication works both ways

Find the best method to communicate. Sometimes with emails there is a lot of back and forth, so this can only waste more time. Also, not everyone is a heavy user of email, so find out which way is the best way to contact each other quickly and effectively, and during what times of day.

Be honest about what you both want. Not only from this job placement, but also from if you both want to continue your working relationship in the future.

Both parties should share their boundaries throughout the whole hiring process. If there is no room for flexibility, state this at the very beginning.

Everyone should make the effort to listen to what the other party is saying. Use active listening to show you are taking what the other person is saying on board.

Without solid communication, the process to source new candidates can get a lot more difficult. A good relationship between the client and recruitment agency can only provide a better experience for candidates.

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