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How to Make an Impact on Your Target Audience as a Recruiter

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

The question is how to make an impact on the right people, at the right time and place and in the right way. In a crowded market it presents a challenge for most companies looking to hire and retain candidates in the workplace. Branding to make an impact is the answer. Sledgehammer repetition might work. The tactic here is the annoyance factor; we tend to pay attention when we are annoyed! Here are some other points which could help, particularly if you do not have the millions in funds that the big names have.


Be specific about your core business, while offering job roles in related industries too.


Work in partnership with another company, whether they are in the same position as you, or maybe with a bigger brand. Bear in mind that there must be advantages for both sides. Weigh these up carefully to make sure it is what is best for your needs.


Promote your company’s niche area online and elsewhere to your focused target audience. This works better when you offer services – “we will hold your hand, help you make good choices, support your choices, and so on” - within the niche family, without neglecting the core business.

Target Your Campaign

Firstly, choose who to focus on, then zoom in on the target market, while offering perks to socially accelerate a campaign that is cost effective.


Invest wisely in a campaign that has a big appeal to your audience, and touch on the key points that will attract them to the role.


The location for a campaign is very important. You would not campaign in an area not frequented by people from your target market. Do the research for what your company needs online and offline, to find the right platform for your needs. Offline, find an area populated with a high percentage of specialist workers in a particular field, or an area that is visible to practically the whole working population.


Combining the online social media campaigns with physical events like the regular trade shows, can be very useful and cost-effective. Your online presence must be highly effective - a succinct message that is displayed taking key features into account, such as your profile and background with a punchy headline, so people will remember you at the trade show and will want to meet with you.

Finally, whether or not you do cause annoyance with your campaign, if branding is to be effective enough to grab attention, remember that the purpose of branding is to be SEEN, HEARD and to create VALUE for the target audience.

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