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How to Make the Energy Industry More Gender Inclusive

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

Provide more options for women in senior management

· Coaching can be beneficial to get more women into senior management positions​

· This can increase confidence, and reiterate that women are equipped and skillful for senior management ​

· Women could also benefit from more political awareness – they could learn how to behave within an organisation and thus gain a good grasp of how to advance ​

· It can also open women to consider opportunities to advance their careers and then think about how they are going to realise those development opportunities​

Give the option to work from home

· Now that working from home is more widespread it is not looked down upon as much​

· Company executives and business leaders are finding that excellent work can be achieved anywhere and that working from home does not necessarily equal work of lesser quality ​

· However, women are more likely to carry out more domestic responsibilities while working flexibility ​

· Companies practices that have previously increased flexibility with the aim of facilitating a better work/life balance have not necessarily resulted in increased advancement of women to senior levels ​

· Nevertheless, the requirement for advancement in most global organisations has been the ability to relocate geographically which countless women have been able to do. Perhaps working from home will see more women rise these ranks

Provide support for gender discrimination

· Share empowering women posts on your social media platform

· Become an ally who can support the cause ​

What can you do to become an ally for women in energy?

· As there is no checklist, and everyone has accountability for their actions. Educate yourself about the value women bring into an organisation​

· Speak to a female family or friend and ask about their experiences in the workplace. It’s part of educating yourself, but more importantly when it is discussed with someone who is close to you, it is more effective than reading about it​

· Never make assumptions on a women’s circumstances

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