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How to Stand Out in a Crowd

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Whether you are a company who is looking to hire staff or an individual who is seeking employment, it helps in the search to stand out, above all the noise and hype of competing forces in the market space. What is the best way to do this? With the easily available finance that large companies have, for them it is developing a successful marketing strategy that works best for building a brand. More importantly though, it is word of mouth and interaction with your target market that keeps you standing out, once you are established in your field. Progress can be tracked and identified by certain steps that are vital for success in branding, be it corporate or personal. The following few things are required to stand out and be seen.


Believe in yourself or your firm and believe in your abilities. Confidence attracts the attention of everyone. We’re drawn like magnets to confident people and to companies that demonstrate confidence in their product. However, false confidence will let you down every time because it is so easy to tell the difference. Bravado comes across as insecure. To develop genuine confidence, know yourself by developing self-awareness, which in turn develops a better emotional intelligence, which we know is vital for understanding interactions between people and entities better.


Empower yourself with as comprehensive a knowledge of specific interests as well as general interests of your target company. Know your subject thoroughly by researching all aspects of the company or the market – research, research, research. Keep a diligent record of your progress, setbacks and achievements or that of the company, to identify strengths and to figure out how to improve on any weaknesses.


For an agency and a start-up or entrepreneurial company as well as for the individual jobseeker, networking is vital. Attend functions and workshops to meet and greet, even when you do not make immediate contacts. JUST BE THERE TO BE SEEN. An internet presence is also a good form of networking. Keep up-to-date with the many ways to interact online.


Nobody is born a winner. Hard work and persistence always pay off, if only because people admire you for it. Sometimes persistence pays because it may be someone’s only way to be rid of you. Whatever the reason you succeed, always persist. And when you are unsuccessful, what appears to be rejection must be seen as a challenge to try again. Never fear failure because it’s an opportunity to learn, improve and grow. Change your idea, try a different approach and keep on.


Once you find your passion or perfect your strategy, discipline is the key. To pursue any ambition requires discipline. It is an imperative, without which we are doomed to failure or at best, numbing mediocrity. Work out a plan and then stick to it diligently, allowing nothing to deflect you but it must be within a flexible framework. When you do make changes, do so to improve on your plan or strategy.

Time Out

Take time out when you need it, or you will burn out. Have fun with friends or family and exercise regularly. Moving away from a challenging situation is often the best way to get a better perspective and develop new ideas.

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