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Misogyny vs Asian Females

Many of you may already know what route this blog post will be taking just by reading the title. That is right… the misogyny surrounding Asian females in the working world.

One of my favourite quotes is “If you educate a woman, you educate a nation,” purely because what other quotes can sum up the power women have in one sentence? Asian females have struggled for decades to become strong and independent women who can raise their financial status and raise a family at the same time.

The first piece of information any employer looks at in a job application is the candidate’s name. You can imagine when a name that is “different” is presented, things can either go uphill or downhill from thereon. A name that looks or sounds different, or in my words unique, does not mean it can be rejected or ignored.

All Asian females are brought up with values where they are allowed to be a representation of their culture and career choices. If their families have allowed them to be strong and independent women, what gives people in the working world the right to deny them their rights? A hijab does not represent someone’s knowledge or skills, which is what any human being would think, right? Then why is it when people like me apply for jobs that employers only turn down only after a face-to-face interaction?

The answer to most of these questions are two words and that is mindset and power.

We can not change the power employers hold but we can change their mindsets by being persistent. A rejection does not mean you give up, it only means a bigger push for you to strive harder. We need to collectively work together whilst supporting each other to break the stigma surrounding Asian females in different industries.

I truly believe we are the generation who can push through the stereotypes and come out at the end of the tunnel with brighter and happier futures, not only for us but also for our future generations.

From one supportive woman to another, we can all do this together.

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