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Strategies for Managing Jobseeker Fatigue

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

There are times when we all feel that finding that new job is out of our reach and we want to give up. Yet this can be an opportunity when we find that hidden strength which we all have. Here are a few tips to help along the way:


Develop and nurture your problem solving talent during this period. We all have this ability, from the simple action we take after a setback, as in how to get to work when public transport fails us, to the more complicated issue of navigating your way in a strange city without the help of any apps, because the mobile phone is dead or, how to manage the fallout when you cannot keep an important appointment, through no fault of your own. Although it is an instinctive quality, problem-solving can be fine-tuned. It helps to be analytical and also to develop an interest in anything that challenges you to solve problems.


Have a strategy in place that is proactive. Passively waiting for something to happen does not help, but nudging a process that you have already put in place, will do so. Researching companies between interviews keeps up interest and can be very educational. If suitable, internships are also one way to go.


Workshop until you drop. Attend these wherever it’s convenient to do so particularly those workshops involving all aspects of employment, jobseeking and agencies.


There is no harm in keeping busy by exploring the possibilities offered in independent work. Often this can lead to helpful contacts.


Attend meet and greet networking events as these keep you abreast of everything in the workplace. Online social media networking can also help while developing internet skills.


Never be afraid to ask for help. People rarely refuse to help when asked. Seek out people you know who are in similar positions to the one you want, if only to hear how they did it. Direct contact will give you an idea of how the dynamics work in different industries, enhancing your perspective. Do keep away from negative people. This type of person will quite often sincerely think that they help, but all they do is to bring you down.


Be persistent with follow-up enquiries and always expect a change of heart, if unsuccessful at first, for all sorts of reasons. It could be that you’re called again because the first choice didn’t work out; the company had major reshuffles to work out first or, the company’s strategy for hiring had to be changed. When you persist by calling back regularly it shows your interest.


When you’ve done everything you possibly can do, take a break.

You could work part-time even at something quite different from your targeted position. A change of pace can be refreshing while you wait.

Remember, do not lose sight of the importance of enthusiasm for challenge and a big part of producing that excitement is to develop an insatiable curiosity!

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