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TEAM Appoints new International Development Director

TEAM is pleased to announce the appointment of Melanie Johnson as their new International Development Director.

On her appointment, Melanie said “ The global marketplace is broadening, and more companies are looking overseas to hire from a pool of International talent. Many larger organisations attract International applicants because companies that are more diverse are innovative, perform better, and ultimately more profitable. My role as the International Development Director allows me to share my knowledge of past International placements while supporting other TEAM members in their quest to recruit internationally.

As Sunrock Recruitment Ltd’s CEO, Melanie combines her wealth of experience in Finance & Accountancy with significant expertise as a hiring manager and recruiter. This unique understanding of recruiting means she can apply a bespoke approach to the Recruitment process. Based in London where International talent breeds success, Melanie works with global recruitment partners to headhunt talented individuals with transferable skills. She loves working in different time zones and learning more about her client's work culture.

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