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Updated: Feb 11, 2022

(Email from a Director of a UK-based company)

Recruitment is typically known for being a very “cut-throat”, challenging, and demanding profession and it is safe to say that “recruitment is not for the weak”. Perhaps try combining the everyday stress of a recruiter with the added pressure and tribulations of an activist and there you have it: a recipe for disaster.

It is tough enough having to navigate the professional world as an ethnic minority woman, it is even tougher doing so whilst trying to push for the representation of ethnic minorities in the professional world.

As diversity recruiters we combine the art of recruitment with the passion for the mission of Diversity and Inclusion at the workplace, to offer opportunities for talent often overlooked due to unconscious bias, and at the same time aid companies with the rare talent, they are missing. Win, win right? You would only think.

It is easier said than done. The assumption that every company is concerned with Diversity and Inclusion is one I should have left at the door before entering this profession.

The pictures I have attached to this blog are only a few of the very disturbing and disrespectful attacks I have received in my experience of 5 months being a diversity recruiter. It has been suggested I “get my head read” and I wonder how many more insults one must endure, simply to achieve fairness.

(Email from a CEO from a Canada-based company)

(Email from a senior management member in a US-based company)

Waking up to these types of emails is most certainly the hardest part of being a diverse recruiter and what is even harder is “not letting it get to you”, especially knowing that a simple “No, thanks” would have done the job. What makes it worse is that it is evident that these individuals went out of their way to be disrespectful towards me, which makes me wonder why. Why would someone treat somebody with so much contempt? That is a question I will leave for you all to answer.

As diversity head-hunters, we recognize that the most effective way to try and reduce the blatant lack of representation for women and ethnic minorities in the professional world is by headhunting diverse talent ourselves and we will continue to do so until we are satisfied that we live in a society that recognizes and values diverse talent.

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