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What to Wear to an Interview

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

First impressions can make an interview, or completely destroy all your prospects of becoming hired. What to wear to an interview depends largely on the type of business you are applying to. Whatever the business, the important thing is to be professional in appearance for the more professional position, and to appear more relaxed for the jobs that require a more casual dress. It is better to be smart casual than too casual. In order to decide what exactly to wear, research the company thoroughly particularly with regards their business ethics and mission statement.


A fashion sense is not necessarily the latest fashion. Dress to suit your personality rather than whatever is the latest trend.


Consider the position for which you are applying. The more responsible position where you have staff in your care may require a more serious style of dress. If the company has a dress code this must be adhered to.


Consider your age. Dressing younger or older than you are can have an adverse effect on the interviewer - be yourself. Leave the flowery bright colours for younger candidates or for the smart casual companies.


Dress to promote the image you want to portray that is also a good fit for the position. Try to find a good balance - not too overbearing and not too laidback. Who you are authentically, must match the image you portray.

Make up

Facial enhancement must be subtle and tasteful and should enhance not mask. Garish make up, even if fashionable, is a bad idea for anyone trying to make a good first impression. The same applies to jewellery.


Your appearance should instil confidence in the interviewer that to employ you would be the right choice to make. It helps if you are comfortable in your own skin. This tells him or her that you know what you want, how to manage yourself and those you interact with, and also gives the interviewer an idea of how you may address challenges.

Careful preparation, that is easily detectable to the trained eye, will go a long way to reassuring the interviewer that you are serious about your work and that you are meticulous, with an eye for detail. These are all good traits for the right job.

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