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Why Sharing With Other Recruitment Agencies is the Way Forward

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Have you been lumbered with a job spec which is impossible to fill? After hours of trying to search for the right candidate, you are still struggling to make any headway, while you are trying to play catch up against other recruiters.

Yes, there are many other recruitment agency companies out there. In 2018, there were approximately 40,000 recruiters in competition with one another in the UK alone. However, rather than being overwhelmed by the vast competition, you should see this as a big potential where you can get to work with other people.

By transforming your relationship with fellow agencies from rivalry to cooperation, this can do wonders for your company. Here are some of the biggest advantages of sharing your job specs.

More work opportunities

By teaming up with others, you are immediately opening up more business. You can do this whether you hop onto someone else’s role, or whether you open up your role to other businesses. Either way, you still get a share of the fee!

Widen your network

You get the chance to build more working relationships. Over time, you can build up trust to show that you are the person to go to for a job placement.

Fill difficult placements

Cooperation means that you are able to get help with placements you would be otherwise unable to fill.

Community spirit

Sharing helps to bring up a positive community spirit, and you get to learn to work with others. Working together means that all parties can give and take from one another.

Work across industries

If a job spec falls outside of your field, you can source it to someone who understands the industry more and they can provide a better-suited candidate to the role. As a bonus, you still get to keep half of the fee. Everyone is happier for it.

Learn more

You will be able to share not just business, but also knowledge. Find out more about your own industry as well as others. By mixing with other companies, you can find out where others go right or wrong in their own candidate sourcing. Not only do you make money, but you also become an expert in your field.

Gain insight into legal and accounting updates

By attending recruitment agency events, you also get the chance to keep up-to-date with the latest legal and accounting issues. Of course, this depends on the country your business is based in, so for example if you need to know about UK legal advice then the TEAM network covers this, whilst NPA Worldwide would include US law updates.

Reach more markets

When you join a recruitment agency network, you have the potential to reach new territories you may never previously have dreamed about, whether regional or international.

Increase visibility

When you show that you provide a good service, this can increase the likelihood of referrals. You can be that person who people think of when a certain job vacancy comes up. This can be particularly useful when you are running short of your own job positions.

Find who you connect with

You can quickly discover which kind of people you can work with, and those who are more difficult, which is useful further down the line.

Less pressure

It can save you work if you can’t place a role for yourself, and it gives you the chance to prioritise other roles instead of having to agonise over one role.

Keep the client happy

If you are in the situation where you have too many job placements to juggle, and too many clients to please at once, then sharing job specs is a great solution.

Splitting the fee

On average, most job splits involve both parties receiving 50% of the fee each. Depending on the relationship you have with another agency, or on the difficulty of the placement this may vary. Check beforehand with the agency you are job sharing with, so all parties know where they stand.

What members say about splitting fees

As one TEAM Split Fee network said, “I’d rather have 50% of the fee than nothing.” Another commented, “Why would I have to hire more consultants, when I can leverage more network specialists?”

Where do you get to share your jobs? Services such as TEAM and NPA Worldwide offer great opportunities to connect and to share jobs with other agencies.

If you have any queries about how split-fee networking works, simply get in touch on our social media, or at We will be more than happy to share how it works.

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