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  • By: Lynda Stephen

10 Signs to help you realise that you need a new job

1. General dissatisfaction. This may present as a reluctance to get to work or a dread of merely getting up in the morning.

2. There is no longer any room for growth in the company and that dreaded glass ceiling looms. The company has limited resources for development or prefers to remain a medium size, with little prospects for individual development.

3. You feel that you have no value to add to the business. This feeling may arise when all your ideas are rejected by a management that has become stuck in its routine or is one that is simply too cautious to try anything new.

4. There is a lack of stability at work. One moment you are happily chugging along following a particular plan and before you know it management has changed the plot. The company management has a high turnover with new people implementing change on a regular basis.

5. Workload regularly increases with no acknowledgement or appreciation shown. Because you are willing to perform, it is taken for granted that you will cope.

6. You are only able to meet deadlines by working overtime. An unreasonable workload is eroding your efficiency.

7. You feel you are stuck in a rut with no personal interests because of work demands on your time. The company does not offer a work/life balance support as in time off as compensation or reward for excellent performance. The bottom line is all about profit.

8. Family demands may require a change. For example, a new addition to the household can change family and work dynamics, or perhaps a better job prospect for your partner may require relocation of the family.

9. Prospect for financial growth is very low. Your yearly increment percentages have not improved from your first year and performance bonus is minimal.

10. You have regular bouts of restlessness and don't know why - it's probably the job. Change is needed when you feel that you'd simply like to walk out the door. Don't!

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